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Spring Grebes Photography Workshops

The Birder’s Corner and Dominik Chrzanowski Wildlife Photography invite you to take part in the spring Grebes Photography Workshops

April and May are one of the most intense months in grebes’ lives. These wonderful water birds start mating just after returning from winter migration. The Great Crested Grebes put up their crests and perform their weed ceremony dances. The Red-necked Grebes shout loudly and the Little Grebes chase one another making their characteristic trills. All these ceremonies are often interrupted by fights for the best breeding territory. Later, the birds start building their nests, laying and incubating the eggs. When the chicks hatch, the parents carry them on their back.

April and May is a unique and intense period for a bird photographer. Feel invited to join our unforgettable photography workshops during which you will have the chance to capture marvelous moments from grebes’ lives. The workshops are organized at the ponds where the Great Crested Grebes, Red-necked Grebes and Little Grebes nest regularly. The reservoir is also a place of regular appearance of other waterfowl birds such as the Tufted Duck and Common Pochard. In the surrounding reeds, you can spot numerous Great Reed Warblers and sometimes even the Eurasian Bittern.

During the Grebes Photography Workshops, you will have many opportunities to get familiar with different photography methods. There will be photography from a blind, camouflaging in the reeds and photography from a special swimming hideout. There will be also countless discussions about bird habits and wildlife photography tips & tricks. The level of workshops will be adjusted to both beginners and advanced photographers.

Grebes of Poland

Perkoz rdzawoszyi

Perkoz rdzawoszyi

The red-necked grebe

Workshop organization and dates

The workshops will be performed at the April and May weekends. The exact dates are to be agreed in advance. The number of participants ranges from 2 to 4 people. During one workshop, at least 4 photography sessions will take place – 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. The level of experience and needs of our guests are considered individually, so the workshop plan is adjusted every time before the start.

During workshops the Birder’s Corner guarantees:

  • Unforgettable experiences and chances to take amazing pictures;
  • All day care and assistance from a professional photographer;
  • Masking accessories and camouflage outfits, waders, a diving suit and a special swimming photography platform as well as other necessary equipment;
  • Transportation inside the area surrounding the ponds;
  • Food, hot drinks and a bonfire;
  • There is a possibility to arrange accommodation for additional charge.


The workshops will take place at the ponds called "Stawy Borki" near the town Radziejowice (about 45 km from Warsaw, the capital of Poland). Good road access is assured thanks to the vicinity of the S8 expressway and a good connection with the A2 highway.


If you want to make reservation or have any questions, feel free to contact me on my e-mail address

Adult red-necked grebes with chicks

Perkoz rdzawoszyi

Perkoz rdzawoszyi

The red-necked grebe

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