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Rollers and bee-eaters – photography workshops

Have you ever dreamed about watching rollers and bee-eaters? Have you always wanted to photograph these amazing birds, but you did not know how to do it? Frankly speaking, it is within your reach! It depends only on you to make these dreams come true.

You are welcome to attend excellent photography workshops which will give you unforgettable experience. The main roles are performed by rollers and bee-eaters in the spectacular scenery of Bulgarian countryside.

Our journey will take place during a very interesting period – brooding and feeding the chicks. Certainly, it will be bustling in colony. By this time some chicks will have left the burrows. We should have a chance to photograph such moments as chicks feeding, learning how to remove bee stings or first fly attempts. Moreover, there will be usual colony life – hunting, fighting, and many other interactions between birds. Well, a lot will be happening there! And all this activities will be taking place only a few meters from our lenses!

Our workshops will have a unique character. The main goal is quality, not quantity and there are only 4 people in the group. Therefore, the course is perfectly tailored to the needs of the participants.



European Roller


There are 2 workshop dates available. Every workshop last 7 days. To make reservation write me

Date 1: 12.06.2017 – 18.06.2017 Reservation
Date 2: 18.06.2017 – 24.06.2017 Reservation

Workshop organization

Workshops will take 7 days within which we will have at least 5 full days of taking pictures. On the first day we meet at the Bucharest airport, Romania. From there we go to our destination. Exceeding your expectations, the time will be perfectly managed. During the journey and in the evening I will prepare you for the first day of taking photos. We will check our gear and discuss different photography techniques and strategies. Additionally, you will find out how to behave in hideouts. We will also talk over different behaviors of bee-eaters and rollers.

Every day you will have two photo sessions – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each of them lasts about 4 hours. Especially for you, there will be waiting hideouts which are prepared in advance. All of them are located in the vicinity of bee-eater colonies and nesting rollers. Additionally, in the garden you will have a photography tower for taking pictures through special optical glass. It will give you an opportunity to capture the image of such spices as golden oriole, turtle dove, green woodpecker and lesser spotted woodpecker! If you are lucky, you will also take pictures of ortolan bunting and common cuckoo. As an option you will have a possibility to try to photograph from a car in a beautiful Suha Reka valley. This will enable you to capture isabelline and white-crowned wheatears, corn bunting or red-backed shrike and a representative of the rodent world – souslik!

During lunch breaks and in the evenings we will discuss taken and possible frames. It doesn’t matter if you are advanced in bird photography or just a beginner – certainly you will find something for you during these debates. Beginners will be introduced into wildlife photography secrets. Advanced participants will be looking for new inspirations under our guidance. What is more important, you will be putting your ideas into practice within the next few days!

Dzięcioł zielony

Dzięcioł zielony

Green Woodpecker

On the last day of workshops we will be going home from the Bucharest airport. Before leaving our guest house you will have an opportunity for the morning oriole session at garden photo tower.

Our hideouts – they are quite simple but comfortable constructions. They have been used for several seasons, so they are permanently inscribed in the colony landscape and birds have got used to it. Thanks to our host professional preparation the birds feel secure and natural. During every photo session you will be seating in a hideout for about 3 or 4 hours. The most challenging can be the temperature, because in June there should already be sunny, warm days in Bulgaria. It is worth noticing that as it comes to comfort, the bee-eater and roller photography is definitely much easier to tackle than photographing birds of prey in winter.

A few words about equipment

The most important part of our equipment is the leans. The optimal choice is the focal length ranging from 300 to 450 mm for dynamic pictures (flying and landing birds, fights, feeding, etc.) and from 400 to 500 mm for portraits. Usage of longer leans is still possible, but sometimes will require some flexibility. But don’t worry – everybody will find something for themselves. For instance, one of our hideouts has two main branches which are ideal for the focal length from 500 to 600 mm. The same hideout has other closer branches for shorter focal lengths. By the way, it is worth mentioning that all focal lengths are full frame equivalent. If you have any doubts about your leans and camera, feel free to ask me.

As it comes for a camera body, the situation is much simpler. Almost each of them will be good enough for shooting this kind of photos. Certainly using professional cameras will make things much easier thanks to faster autofocus or higher frames per second rate. However, if you own a basic ASP-C / DX body, you will also be able to take many astonishing pictures. During the workshop I will advise how to use optimally your equipment.

The third important and obligatory part of your equipment is a tripod. The heavier and more stable it is, the better. Additionally, you can use spare batteries, extra memory cards or a notebook to copy your pictures. A remote cord can also be handy, but not essential.

Zakwaterowanie i wyżywienie

Our accommodation is located about 15 to 30 minutes of driving from our hideouts. There will be a cottage for your usage. It has 2 twin rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. In a nearby garden you will find a photography tower. There is nothing better than a morning coffee or breakfast in a company of the golden oriole!

As it comes to food, we have two options. In the basic variant we all cook together. The ingredients will be provided. As the second option you can choose typical Bulgarian meals prepared by a local cooker from a nearby village. This option is available for additional charge and when all participants choose it.

What is involved in the workshop price?

The price covers the total cost of workshops including:

  • Transport during workshops;
  • Transport from and to the Bucharest airport;
  • Accommodation in twin rooms. A single room is available for additional charge, only when the workshop isn't fully booked;
  • All day care and assistance from a professional photographer;
  • Hideouts usage;
  • Food and alcohol-free drinks;
  • • Unforgettable experiences. :)

The price doesn't include:

  • Flight tickets to and from Bucharest;
  • Obligatory medical insurance and accident insurance.


There are 2 workshop dates available. Every workshop last 7 days. To make reservation write me

Date 1: 12.06.2017 – 18.06.2017 Reservation
Date 2: 18.06.2017 – 24.06.2017 Reservation
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